Your Pursuits

Carried forward from your past many lives of birth & death cycles, and in your current life, you must admit that you had entertained / entertaining as of now varied Desires.


These Desires are based on the temperament of one of your 20 Inner Subtle Components, your Mind (Seat of your Emotions, Desires)

One Desire = A steady stream of thought flow seated and emanating from your MIND for a sustained period towards an Object or Being.

Fundamental Building Blocks of a DESIRE are THOUGHTS

Once you make effort and acquire the desired Object or Being, those thought flow cease to exist. Absence of those thought flow, gives a sense of happiness in you.

Wide range of your Desires / Pursuits shall broadly classify in to 3 Types of Goals in your life

Goal 1 Security / Needs / Survival – Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health

Goal 2 Comfort / Entertainment – Can survive without

Goal 3 Good Deeds – Effort to gain Luck / Fortune / Jackpot / Goal 1 & 2 in Current & Future Life