Billions of Humans been born, lived for a while then dead and gone! Many lived, are currently living an average life and follow the norms, dictates of the rulers, society & governments. They never bothered to question the status quo, and those questioned within does not & dare not challenge the prevailing system!

However, from time immemorial in every generation, in every century, a miniscule pocket of thinkers, rather radical thinkers, independent of their current financial situation, social status etc., are kind of stressed within and struggled to answer the mind-boggling questions of their own Intellect! Some even ended up losing their lives to the cause!

Some of their fundamental questions are:

Is there a Parallel Universe that Exist apart from this Observable Universe?

What could be beyond the Observable Universe?

Is the Universe Infinite?

Multiverse is it just a theory or a possibility? Does my own Individual Self exist in different Parallel Universe?

Are there, Infinite number of My Individual Self exist in Infinite Multiverse? Do they exist at the same time doing either the same activities of what I am doing currently or varied activities?

Is Time Travel Possible? Can I go backwards in Time and change the Future?  Can I go forward in Time and observe the future? Is it possible for me to find ways to change the past and future etc.

Some thinkers pondered When did time began? Alas! they know not the logical fallacy in their Question! “When” as a word is synonymous with “At What Time” – so the question amounts to “At What Time did TIME Began!?” Does it make sense?

Yet the most Physicists believe, TIME BEGAN AT THE TIME OF BIG BANG! – so what happened to TIME before Big Bang, the state of Singularity?

An inseparable twin concept to TIME TRAVEL is TELEPORTATION. Extensive research on TELEPORTATION is still being carried out by some of the Scientists. It’s about Matter and (or) Energy being transported from one location to another distant location, without the need for the Matter or Energy to traverse through the Space between the locations!

All the above Scientific concepts take primary inspiration from their own INTELLECT’s quest to discover or invent necessary tools / mechanisms to achieve breakthrough in proving these concepts of PARALLEL UNIVERSE, MULTIVERSE, TIME TRAVEL, TELEPORTATION etc.

Alongside the role of their INTELLECT, something that adds fuel to their quest is Mythological Stories from almost all cultures that depict & support the possibility of Time Travel, Teleportation, Parallel Universe / Multiverse etc.

Ideal & obvious teachings in almost all cultures in all times is the existence of Earth, Heaven & Hell. These three presumable geographical locations are supposedly one of the primary causes led thinkers to investigate in the field of Multiverse. Mythological Angels, Gods, Demons etc. traversing through Time & Space, another reason.

Ancient Vedic literature too points to an existence of 14 Multiverses. This Observable Universe we all exist including the Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy etc. is called as BHU LOKA. And higher in terms in terms of Quality of Experiences than the BHU LOKA there exists 6 other Higher Universes namely,

  • Bhuvar Loka
  • Suvar Loka
  • Mahar Loka
  • Jana Loka
  • Tapo Loka
  • Satya Loka

Likewise, the Vedas point out lower in terms of Quality of Experiences than the BHU LOKA there exist Seven Lower Universes as below:

  • Athala Loka
  • Vithala Loka
  • Suthla Loka
  • Rasathala Loka,
  • Mahathala Loka,
  • Thalaathala Loka
  • Paathala Loka

With the above information, especially those thinkers must also need to understand all their pursuits in one way or the other points to kind of, to know What INFINITY is? The deep desire of these thinkers, to know what Infinity is, manifests in different ways as to get to know and establish the existence of Parallel Universe, Multiverse, Time Travel, Teleportation etc.!

If only a methodology is devised for these thinkers to Understand Infinity, become one with Infinity, then automatically all their Intellectual queries shall be quenched forever, for the very fact what they pursue and not able to achieve Scientifically and Intellectually, are only a subset of the ONE Infinity.

Steppingstone in that direction is to understand what is the LOGIC BEHIND “CAPTURING INFINITY”.

Refer to the link, which shall pave way for those Strong Intellects’ never-ending quest in understanding what Infinity is.