While The Big Bang Theory has been studied extensively, it in truth only describes the event that formed the Grossest Matter of the Universe as observed in Hubble Deep Field and from the latest observations of the James Webb Telescope. Without a study of the phases of creation that preceded The Big Bang, there will always be a limitation on the ability of Scientific Thinkers / Astro-Physicists to truly understand the nature of our universe.

In fact, this lack of insight and refusal to examine or admit other phases of creation from Singularity, may well be what is standing in the way of the generation of a Grand Unified Theory of Everything, the missing link in mankind’s understanding of Existence.

This article will present a brief summary of these under-explored phases of the creation of the Manifest Gross Universe, a subtle subject eternally propounded by Vedanta Society, that is explored in much more detail in the forthcoming book,

Who Banged the Big Bang?”

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Assimilation, indwelling, reflection and contemplation on the presented subtle concepts here in this article and in the forthcoming book, for a sustained period of time, that in itself propels to a state of Vedantic Meditation, otherwise called “Nidhi-Dhyaa-Sanam”, a pre-final stage in pursuit of Infinity!


Using the Right Terms

First of all, it’s important to note that the term creation is a misnomer. Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed; the Manifest Universe could not have been created from nothing. The singularity that preceded The Big Bang comprised the equivalent of the entire contents of the present Manifest Universe (Including the last bit of Quark!). From where did those contents originate?

It originates from the Total Dissolution of the previous Manifested Universe! The transition from Singularity to Manifestation is Cyclical in nature, with the dissolution of one Manifest Universe (via a Big Crunch or Big Rip event) leading directly to the formation of the next one during the next Big Bang.

What Hubble Deep Field Image and James Webb Telescope can only get us is additional corroboratory evidence of the current The Big Bang Theory.

Despite the fact that creation is a bit misleading, we’ll still use the term here anyway, for one thing, because it’s a commonly understood term, and for another, because, from the perspective of this iteration of the manifest universe, the Big Bang does represent a creation event; however, let’s not lose sight of the fact that nothing was truly ‘created.’

Presently, this term Big Bang is understood to refer to a single event, during which time the entre contents of the manifest universe sprang into existence, especially after the advent of the famous Hubble Deep Field image, that substantiates claims of Astro-Physicists, that the Big Bang is just a single event!

In reality as logically derived by Vedanta Society, the Big Bang actually comprises two distinct phases—a Subtle Big Bang, during which time the Subtle Universe was formed, and a subsequent Gross Big Bang, during which time the Gross Universe was formed.

Let’s briefly explore each of these to understand how they came to be and how they relate to one another.

Before the Bangs

Prior to Subtle Big Bang, the entire contents of the eventual Manifest Universe are contained in the Singularity, also known as the Causal Universe. In this state, these contents exist purely as the Potential for the Manifest Universe.

The state of inertia of the Causal Universe is destabilized when acted upon by the Causality Principles, which the Vedanta Society terms as LAW OF KARMA in turn, triggers the first phase of the creation of the new manifest universe, the Subtle Big Bang, if you may call it.

Causality Principles / LAW OF KARMA is a derivative of the Combination of Total Resultant Forces of all Subtle Bodies from the previously Manifested Universe which went through a Big Crunch, then to its Singularity.

This initial event consists of the formation of the entire Subtle Universe. Now, what is the Subtle Universe? It is the totality of all subtle matter throughout the entirety of the Manifest Universe, the subtle matter that forms all the subtle bodies of all living things, and the subtle force of inertia that pervades all inert matter.

Subtle Body constitutes of THOUGHTS, made of Subtle Matter, a combination of the FIVE FUNDAMENTAL STATES OF MATTER.

The Subtle Big Bang that gives rise to all this subtle matter is itself marked by two distinct phases, each of which is defined by the assertion of one of the Universe’s intrinsic properties.

Now, what are these intrinsic properties? There are three of them, and together they correspond to the properties that characterize the entire contents (Beings and Matter) of the universe. These properties are Knowledge, Action, and Inertia. As observed, these three properties exist throughout all the Manifest Universe, they must also exist in the Causal Universe (which contains the potential for all things in the Manifest Universe).

When the equilibrium of the Causal Universe is destabilized (thanks to LAW OF KARMA), it triggers the first Bang! Subtle Big Bang, these intrinsic properties are released in an orderly fashion, and their action defines the nature of subsequent creation.

The Subtle Big Bang

The first event of the Subtle Big Bang involves the manifestation of the Five Fundamental Pure States of Matter (PURE SPACE, PURE GAS, PURE PLASMA, PURE LIQUID, PURE SOLID), which, together, comprise all the Subtle Matter of the Universe. These Five Fundamental Pure States of Matter, manifest in a specific order, from the most rarefied to the least, with each successive state of matter manifesting directly out of the previous one.

Thus, Space is the first to manifest, followed by Air (Gas), Fire (Plasma), Water (Liquid), and Earth (Solid). Each of these pure states of matter also contains its associated sensory property: Space contains Sound, Air contains Touch & sound, Fire contains Sight, Touch & Sound, Water contains Taste, Sight, Touch & Sound and Earth contains Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch & Sound.

(This is undoubtedly an extremely brief overview of this subject; interested readers can explore this material further in the forthcoming book Who Banged the Big Bang?, where these subjects are treated in full.)

Alternately, can also visit the YouTube Channel @VedanticOrg for a detailed Video Classes on the above subject.

Present in each of these pure states of matter are also the three intrinsic properties mentioned previously, which now assert themselves in a specific sequence. First, the intrinsic property of Knowledge asserts itself. It does so initially through each of the pure states of matter individually, which gives rise to the five power centers of perception, power to Hear, Touch, See, Taste and Smell. Each power center derives from the state of matter that contains the sensory property relevant to its specific sense organ.

Then, the intrinsic property of Knowledge asserts itself through all five pure states of matter together, collectively – resulting in the formation of the five components of the inner personality—the Ego, the Memory, the Gross and Subtle Intellects, and the Mind. With this, the intrinsic property of knowledge has fully expended itself; then the intrinsic property of Action is next to arise.

As before, the property of Action first expresses itself through each of the pure states of matter individually, which give rise to the five power centers of action, Speech, Manipulation, Locomotion, Excretion, and Reproduction.

The property of Action next asserts itself through all five pure states of matter, which collectively give rise to the five power centers of physiological function, the synthetic systems that enable life. With this, the intrinsic property of action has fully expended itself, and all 20 subtle components of the human subtle body have been formed.

Of course, it must be noted that the above only describes the formation of the human subtle body; similar sequences of events, guided by the interaction between the intrinsic properties of knowledge and action and the five pure states of matter, give rise to the subtle bodies of animals and plants as well. These formation events unfold simultaneously with the corresponding events described above.

Summarily, the entire Subtle Body, all Thoughts, Subtle Universe made of Subtle Matter, combination of the Five Fundamental Pure States of Matter. An unswerving conviction on this in itself is a state of Vedantic Meditation! The implication of this statement shall be further understood with a consistent, systematic study of these subtle concepts for a sustained period of time.

One final point should be noted here as well—the role of inert matter. Inert matter does not possess any manner of subtle body or thoughts, so there is no phase of subtle creation that pertains to it; however, it is imbued with a subtle power of inertia. This is not the same as the intrinsic property of inertia, but rather is the causally derived power that permeates all subtle matter that simply allows it to EXIST! As such, it is present in all matter right from the beginning of the Subtle Big Bang. So, while inert objects do not possess a subtle body, they do nonetheless hold this one subtle power.

The Gross Big Bang, and Beyond

Once all the above has occurred, the Subtle Big Bang ends and gives way to the Gross Big Bang. The entire spectrum of Scientists, Astro-Physicists, Quantum Physicists, begin their analysis of this GROSS BIG BANG from SINGULARITY! – totally not open to discuss or admit the possibility of a potential Subtle Universe! as explained above.

This Gross Big Bang, also unfolds in two distinct phases. The first of these is defined by the exertion of the third and final intrinsic property of the universe—that of Inertia. As we saw above, this property exerts itself in two stages as well, but not in quite the same way.

First, INERTIA acts through each of the Five Pure States of Matter, manifesting each of the corresponding gross states of matter. However, because each state of gross matter cannot, by definition, exist in isolation, its PURE STATE!

In other words, the tangible water, Gross Water can never be a PURE STATE OF WATER, the reason being it occupies equal amount of Space, as it holds a positive or negative temperature, potential in it to be in other states be it Solid, Gas, or Plasma. Therefore, it is logical to conclude the Gross Tangible Water that we see is a combination of 50% Pure Water (Liquid) and 12.5% of Space, 12.5% of Gas, 12.5% Plasma, 12.5% Solid.

Likewise, it can be extended to the remaining 4 Gross States of Matter.

Once this has occurred, the second phase of the Gross Big Bang begins. This phase corresponds to what people generally think of when they consider ‘THE’ Big Bang: ​​from the entrenchment of the physical laws of the universe to the manifestation of the first elements of the periodic table; from subtle agglomerations of trace elements in space to the formation of stars, planets, galaxies, and all other astronomical bodies; and from the origin of microscopic life forms to the arrival of mankind.

The nature and sequence of each of these processes has been well documented by scientific observers and forms the so-called history of our universe, Hubble Deep Field images, the latest observations of James Webb Telescope etc.

Of course, we have just seen how this history did not even commence until after the true origins of the manifest universe had been enacted. As such, any accounting of the history of the manifest universe that excludes the true nature of the Subtle and Gross Big Bangs will inevitably be incomplete.

There is no doubt that incorporating the schema of the universe detailed here into ongoing rigorous scientific inquiry will lead to meaningful discoveries—perhaps even to the Grand Unified Theory of Everything that has so far remained elusive.