About (You)

Amongst the entire diverse fields of studies and researches the world engaged for many millennia, one of the easiest fields of study should have been study of ONESELF (Your-Self) – Human Being.


Even after greater scientific advancement, Human Composition is rarely studied, researched, or taught or given importance by any of the past and present governments of the world.

Of course, greater advancement in the field Human ANATOMY is achieved. Human Anatomy is perceptible / tangible and there is a consensus amongst all the scientists dealing with Anatomy.


However, the Inner Personality of Humans are not tangible, and therefore most Psychologists and Philosophers get away with BODY-MIND-SOUL-BRAIN-CONSCIOUSNESS Standard Menu!


Rest of the Humans nod to their complex associated jargons in Ignorance.

In the past few decades, Humanity is also caught up in YOGA – MEDITATION – KARMA. A highly Commercialized / Caramelized Business Model!


Without a clear definition of terminologies used, without any consensus among, a Highly Viscous Soup/ Concoction of BODY – MIND – SOUL – BRAIN – CONSCIOUSNESS – YOGA – MEDITATION-KARMA is force-fed to Humanity by many Psychiatrists / Philosophers.


Further intoxicating Humanity in deeper Ignorance.

Blinder Leading the Blind! Irony


Thinkers You Are; Logically knowing anything About YOU should be easier, than things apart from YOU.

And only person who should & will know YOU better, must be YOU, than anyone else.


Sadly, as on today, right now, YOU only know about your GROSS PHYSICAL BODY. 


But YOU are clueless of YOUR multitude inner Subtle Components.


20 Components to be Precise & they are not ANATOMICAL! & Not Tangible.

YOU are also not aware of the Dynamic Powers within the Your Personality that enables you to Perceive, Feel, Think, and Act.


Study & Analysis of YOUR Inner Subtle Components & YOUR Inner Dynamic Powers are extremely simple and very easy to learn, HIGH SCHOOL Stuff.


Refer to the “HUMAN COMPOSITION” Section of the Video Classes.