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Lead Resource, Prabha with over two decades of study & research on Vedanta presents Video Study Classes, Management Seminars and Articles to benefit the Scientific Community and the rest who are interested in Self-Development.

Rarest of the rare opportunity is to be born as a Human. Out of the 8 Billion Humans on Planet Earth, barely about 10 Million probe the following:


What is beyond the Universe?

What is the Nature of Singularity, Origin of Universe?

What is the Purpose of being born as a Human?

What is beyond Time, Space, and Causation?


Can ever INFINITY be understood or CAPTURED? etc.

Vedanta is (was & will be) a Modern Trans-Scientific Firmware that comprises systematic sets of logical tools, algorithms, principles, systems & laws that are eternally valid, both extensive and intensive.

Vedanta directly aid & guide the set of extraordinary humans who probe the unknown Infinity, directs them to gain necessary qualifications, preparations, practices, and eventually gain the Knowledge of INFINITY

Major Vedantic texts include the Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta Saara, Tattva Bodha, Bhaja Govindam etc.

Some term Vedanta, a Philosophy!

Amongst the entire diverse fields of studies and researches the world engaged for many millennia, one of the easiest fields of study should have been study of ONESELF (Your-Self) – Human Being.


Even after greater scientific advancement, Human Composition is rarely studied, researched, or taught or given importance by any of the past and present governments of the world.


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Of course, greater advancement in the field Human ANATOMY is achieved. Human Anatomy is perceptible; tangible and there is a consensus amongst all the scientists dealing with Anatomy.

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Only Humans are endowed with an INTELLECT, an important component of your inner personality often ignored or misunderstood as INTELLIGENCE (Collection of Data)


INTELLECT manifests as a single powerful thought that Reasons, Chooses, Decides, Judges, Discriminates, Validates.

INTELLECT is the Adult in your personality, which sets Ideals; Goals; Purpose in your life.


Mind is the Child in your personality, seat of all Emotions and Desires. Role of the Intellect is to Regulate, Guide, Control, and Direct the Mind.


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Most instances, the Mind wins, and the Intellect succumbs to the tantrums of the Mind. Therefore, it is utmost important that your INTELLECT must be strengthened to guide, regulate, and control the Mind.

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Carried forward from your past many lives of birth & death cycles, and in your current life, you must admit that you had entertained / entertaining as of now varied Desires.

These Desires are based on the temperament of one of your 20 Inner Subtle Components, your Mind (Seat of your Emotions, Desires)

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One Desire = A steady stream of thought flow seated and emanating from your MIND for a sustained period towards an Object or Being.

Fundamental Building Blocks of a DESIRE are THOUGHTS

Once you make effort and acquire the desired Object or Being, those thought flow cease to exist. Absence of those thought flow, gives a sense of happiness in you.

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Rarest of YOU, Seek the 4th Goal INFINITY / REALTY, as ultimate goal in life and ask fundamental questions in life


What is beyond the Universe?


What is the Nature of Singularity, Origin of Universe?

What is the Purpose of being born as a Human?

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Astro Physicists, Quantum Physicists, Math Geniuses have attempted very many ways to capture infinity objectively. But not able to.


A consistent, systematic study of Vedantic Concepts shall guide you on the right path to Infinity.

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Thanks to COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUD n other corroboratory Scientific evidence that gives a clear indication that BIG BANG was an event of the (recent) past, just 13 plus Billion Years ago!

For those who BANG their INTELLECT in varied dimensions and ask

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What happened before BIG BANG?


What was the state of SINGULARITY?

What was the Origin of Universe? etc.

Please refer to the VIDEO CLASSES on CAUSAL BODY / CREATION in YouTube Channel @VedanticOrg

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Not a spelling mistake! Most who took up only Yoga & Meditation ended with Medication.


Yoga – major % of world understands physical exercises Hatha Yoga as Yoga. Hatha Yoga is one of the beginning preparatory practices in Spirituality.


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Meditation supposedly one of the final stages of practices in Spirituality.

Intermediary Important Steps between Yoga & Meditation are Ignored or Not Known by many Institutions who are into the BUSINESS of Yoga & Meditation.

Look for upcoming Video Classes on those Intermediary Steps and a detailed course on MEDITATION and avoid MEDICATION!

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The title of this blog does not contain a spelling error. The fact of the matter is that many people who take up only Yoga & Meditation without proper guidance and context will wind up falling back on Medication to support their emotional well-being. What is the reason for this? Let’s take a brief look at the manner in which Yoga and Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Vedantic Meditation are pursued in modern culture in order to understand.


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@VedanticOrg YouTube Channel shall share with you the Video Series “CAPTURING INFINITY”.

A systematic, simplified, and decoded course of study classes to unfold the Trans-Scientific Mysteries.

Upon completion of this series, Video Classes on other Vedantic Texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Bhaja Govindam, Upanishads shall be uploaded.

Need of the Millennium is to address humanity on varied topics mentioned below, thereby enabling both the Individual and the Society are provided equal opportunity to lift themselves.

@VedanticOrg YouTube Channel shall come up with a series of Seminars on these below Management Topics.

Is Social Media, a Social Menance?

Face WhatsApp ening to you & Insta Snap your problems for a TikTok Life. Tweet your joy & the world get LinkedIn to You

Natural tendency is that you would THINK PARALLEL as you listen to the VIDEO CLASSES.


Very fact that you are filled with Questions indicate that you are THINKING.


Hope all your genuine valid questions shall be answered, as you complete the VIDEO CLASSES.


In case your questions are not answered, and if you are curious, please feel free to send your questions to life@vedantic.org


All Questions shall be consolidated and answered periodically @VedanticOrg YouTube


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